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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009 8085 Assembly Language Vidberg, Michelle
17-Jul-2006 Abstraction and JPie Goldman, Kenneth J
9-Oct-2007 Adaptive Technologies Resources Bucks County Comm College TECS Staff
2009 Adventure Quiz Game Program Paradine, Amy
Jul-2006 Algorithms in Computational Biology Blelloch, Guy
Feb-2012 Alice game programming for middle school students Campe, Shannon; Denner, Jill; Werner, Linda
19-Jul-2006 Alice Primer Gross, Paul
Jun-2011 Amazing PowerPoint Presentations James, Cindy
Apr-2003 Animal Game Carpenter, Guy and bdb
16-Mar-2007 Apartment Management Project Sutcliffe, Geoff; Yerikalapudi, Aparna
29-Sep-2007 Are You Experienced? College Students and Early Computer Influences Stoerger, Sharon
2009 Arrays Lesson Plan Fare, Jim
2009 Assignment on Overclocking a CPU Ceccato, Robert
- Basics of Networks Summers, Wayne; Obando, Rodrigo
1998 Battleships Bell, Tim; Fellows, Mike; Witten, Ian
1998 Beat the Clock Bell, Tim; Fellows, Mike; Witten, Ian
16-May-2003 Beginning Java Graphics and UI Parekh, Janak J.
29-Sep-2007 Being the Same Isn’t Enough: The Impact of Male and Female Mentors on Computer Self-efficacy of College Students in IT-related Fields Goh, Debbie; Ogan, Christine; Ahuja, Manju; Herring, Susan; Robinson, Jean
Jun-2008 Best Time Ever to Teach/Learn CS Klawe, Maria
1998 Binary Numbers Heeren, C.; Maglieri, T.; Pitt, L.
2006 Binary Representation of Numbers (Basics of CS, Animated) University of Tennessee
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