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Title: 6.825 Schedule
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Abstract: [ Home ] 6.825 - Techniques in Artificial Intelligence, Fall '05 Course Syllabus This schedule is subject to change. "AIMA2e" in the readings stands for Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, second edition. Koller&Friedman (K&F)refers to the draft of "Bayesian Networks and Beyond" by Koller and Friedman, that will be available at CopyTech. All the lecture videos are available (if you are registered for 6.825) at the Stellar site. The links below should download the Real Media file directly, but if you have trouble go to Stellar. These videos are only available from MIT IP addresses. Date No. Topic Readings Lecture Material Recitation Exercises Assignments Thu, 8-Sep 1 Introduction, A* Search AIMA2e 1-4 RealMedia Exercises Solutions Tue, 13-Sep 2 Propositional Logic AIMA2e 7 RealMedia Project 0 Out Thu, 15-Sep 3 DPLL, FOL Syntax and Semantics AIMA2e 7-8 RealMedia Tue, 20-Sep 4 FOL Proofs AIMA2e 9 RealMedia Exercises Solutions Project 1a Out Thu, 22-Sep 5 FOL Proofs continued RealMedia Tue, 27-Sep 6 FOL Proof Systems RealMedia Exercises Solutions Project 0 Due Mon Sept 26 11:59PM Thu, 29-Sep 7 Planning AIMA2e 11 RealMedia Project 1a Due Thurs Sept 29 5PM Tue, 4-Oct 8 Probability and Bayesian Networks K&F 3 AIMA2e 13, 14.1-14.3 RealMedia Exercises Solutions Project 1b Out Thu, 6-Oct 9 Variable Elimination K&F 6-7 AIMA2e 14.4 RealMedia Tue, 11-Oct Holiday Thu, 13-Oct 10 Clique Trees, Belief Propagation Note: No class. Make-up lecture Friday 7-Oct, 8:30-10:00am in 9-151, or watch the lecture online. K&F 8 Make-up lecture RealMedia Exercises Solutions Project 1b Due Thurs Oct 13 5PM Tue, 18-Oct 11 Sampling Methods Note: No class. Make-up lecture Friday 14-Oct, 8:30-10:00am in 9-151, or watch the lecture online. K&F 9 AIMA2e 14.5 Make-up lecture RealMedia Exercises Solutions Project 2 Out Thu, 20-Oct 12 HMMs Note: No class. Make-up lecture Friday 21-Oct, 8:30-10:00am in 9-151, or watch the lecture online. AIMA2e 15 Make-up Lecture RealMedia Tue, 25-Oct 13 HMMs, DBNs, and First-Order Probabilistic Models AIMA2e 14.6 Thu, 27-Oct *** Review *** normal time & place RealMedia Past exams Tue, 1-Nov *** Quiz *** Quiz Solutions Thu, 3-Nov 14 Parameter Estimation K&F 12, 13 except 13.2.4,,13.5,13.6 AIMA2e 20.1-20.2 RealMedia Exercises Solutions Tue, 8-Nov 15 Structure Learning K&F 14.1-14.4 RealMedia Project 2 Due Tues Nov 8 5PM Thu, 10-Nov 16 Missing Data (EM) AIMA2e 20.3 RealMedia EM Exercises and Solutions Decision Theory Exercises Solutions Project 3 Out Tue, 15-Nov 17 Utility and Decision Theory AIMA2e 16 RealMedia Thu, 17-Nov 18 Markov Decision Processes AIMA2e 17 RealMedia Tue, 22-Nov 19 Value of Information, POMDPs AIMA2e 17.5 RealMedia Thu, 24-Nov Holiday Tue, 29-Nov 20 Supervised Learning AIMA2e 20.5-20.6 RealMedia Thu, 1-Dec 21 Supervised Learning SVM handout, SVM lecture notes:NOTE these are not identical to the lecture but are very similar RealMedia Tue, 6-Dec 22 Reinforcement Learning AIMA2e 21, RL lecture notes, RL lecture examples RealMedia Thu, 8-Dec 23 Wrapup/HKN Evaluations AIMA2e 26 RealMedia Project 3 Due Thurs Dec 8 5pm Tues, 20-Dec *** Final Exam *** 32-144, 9:00am - 12:00pm Past exams
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