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Title: An XML-Based Modeling and Simulation Framework for 3D Dynamic Models
Authors: Goethals, Andrea
Park, Minho
Lee, Jinho
Fishwick, Paul
Kim, Taewoo
Keywords: Computing Methodologies sub_subject: Simulation and Modeling Computing Milieux sub_subject: Computers and Education dynamic modeling, simulation, XML, VRML, X3D, XSLT
Issue Date: 9-Nov-2001
Publisher: Computer Information Science and Engineering Department, University of Florida
Abstract: Relatively recent advances in computer technology enable us to create three-dimensional (3D) dynamic models and simulate them within a 3D web environment. The use of such models is especially valuable when teaching simulation, and the concepts behind dynamic models, since the models are made more accessible to the students. Students tend to enjoy a construction process in which they are able to employ their own cultural and aesthetic forms. The challenge is to create a language that allows for a grammar for modeling, while simultaneously permitting arbitrary presentation styles. For further flexibility, we need an effective way to represent and simulate dynamic models that can be shared by modelers over the Internet. We present an Extensible Markup Language (XML)-based framework that will guide a modeler in creating personalized 3D models, visualizing its dynamic behaviors, and simulating the created models. A model author will use XML files to represent geometries and topology of a dynamic model. Model Fusion Engine, written in Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT), expedites the modeling process by automating the creation of dynamic models with the user-defined XML files. Modelers can also link simulation programs with a created model to analyze the characteristics of the model. The advantages of this system lie in the education of modeling and simulating dynamic models, and in the exploitation of visualizing the dynamic model behaviors
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