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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Subject
The Art and Science of Depiction Graphics and Visual Computing
The Art of Animation (CS294-7) Graphics and Visual Computing
21-Dec-2005 artificial intelligence - msc:68-00; mathematics
Artificial Intelligence Intelligent Systems
Artificial Intelligence 4003-455/4005-750 RIT - Department of Computer Science Intelligent Systems
Artificial Intelligence: Syllabus Intelligent Systems
Artificial Neural Network Topics Artificial Neural Network ... Department of Computer and Information Science and Engineering Graphics and Visual Computing
“Assessing and Enhancing the Introductory Science Course in ... Programming Fundamentals
Assignments Department of Computer Science - University of California Santa Barbara Information Management
15-Jul-2009 Association for Women in Computing - -
29-Apr-2001 Ast and secure distributed read-only file system Fu, Kevin; Kaashoek, Frans; Mazieres, David Data sub_subject: Data Encryption,Data sub_subject: Files,security, file systems, cryptography
10-May-2006 asymptotic bounds for factorial - msc:41A60, msc:68Q25; mathematics
2007 Asymptotic Notations Choueiry, Berthe ACMCCS98::Computing Methodologies::SYMBOLIC AND ALGEBRAIC MANIPULATION::Algorithms::Analysis of algorithms; ACMCCS98::Computing Methodologies::SYMBOLIC AND ALGEBRAIC MANIPULATION::Algorithms::Algebraic algorithms
2007 Asynchronous Transfer Mode Carl, Houser ACMCCS98::Computer Systems Organization::COMPUTER-COMMUNICATION NETWORKS::Network Architecture and Design::Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
Athabasca University, Canada Donal Bren School of Information and Computer Science - UC Irvine Programming Fundamentals Computer Science - Rutgers University Discrete Structures
15-Jul-2009 Australian Computer Society (ACS) - Community Affairs Board (CAB) - ACMCCS98::Computing Milieux::HISTORY OF COMPUTING
Automata Syllabus Department of Computer Science - Rice University Algorithms and Complexity
27-Jan-2005 Automated Assessment and Experiences of Teaching Programming Higgins, Colin; Geoffrey, Gray; Symeonidis, Pavlos Computing Milieux sub_subject: Computers and Education,education for software quality; courseware; automatic assessment; free response computer based assessment (CBA), distant learning; programming language metrics
27-May-2005 automatic presentation - msc:03C57, msc:03D05; mathematics
24-May-2002 automaton - msc:68Q45, msc:03D05; mathematics
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