Sibel Adali
4380 Database Systems - Fall 2005
M Th 2:00pm-3:50pm
Darrin 330

Instructor: Sibel Adali

Office: Amos Eaton 125, Phone: 276-8047, Email: adalis AT rpi DOT edu, Office Hours: Monday 1pm-2pm, Wednesday 4pm-6pm.

Teaching Assistants:

Shawn Pearce . Email: pearcs AT rpi DOT edu, Office: Amos Eaton 127, Office Hours: Tuesday 6pm-8pm, Thursday 6pm-7pm.

Kartik Babu. Email: babuk AT rpi DOT edu, (for grading questions, please contact by email).

Course Web site: on WEBCT (


  • TITLE: Databases and Transaction Processing, An Application-Oriented Approach, Introductory Version, Second Edition (Addison Wesley Publishers, 2003)
  • AUTHORS: Philip M. Lewis, Arthur Bernstein, and Micheal Kifer
  • ISBN: 0-321-22838-3

Grading: There will be weekly quizzes on thursdays (approximately 12) and a comprehensive final. The exams will count for 45% and the final will count for 20% of your final grade. The worst two grades in your weekly quizzes will be dropped.

There will be several (approximately 5-6) homeworks that will count for 35% of your final grade.


WK1 (8/29-9/2)
Chapter 1, 2 and Chapter 3
WK2 (9/5-9/9)
No classes - labor day
Chapter 3 QUIZ # 1
WK3 (9/12-9/16)
Chapter 4

Chapter 4 QUIZ # 2
HW #1

WK4 (9/19-9/23)
Chapter 5
Chapter 5 QUIZ # 3

Chapter 5
HW #1 due

Chapter 5 QUIZ # 4
HW #2

WK6 (10/3-10/7)
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 QUIZ # 5
WK7 (10/10-10/14)

Chapter 6
HW #2 due
(tuesday = RPI monday)

Chapter 6, 7 QUIZ # 6
HW #3
WK8 (10/17-10/21)
Chapter 8
Catch up QUIZ # 7
WK9 (10/24-10/28)

Chapter 9
HW #3 due

Chapter 9 QUIZ # 8
HW #4

WK10 (10/31-11/4)
Chapter 10
Chapter 10 QUIZ # 9
WK11 (11/7-11/11)

Chapter 11
HW #4 due

Chapter 11 QUIZ # 10
HW #5
WK12 (11/14-11/18)
Chapter 12
Catch Up QUIZ # 11
WK13 (11/21-11/25)

Chapter 13
HW #5 due

NO CLASSES - Thanksgiving
WK14 (11/28-12/2)
Chapter 13
Chapter 16 QUIZ # 12
WK15 (12/5-12/9)

PRE-REQUISITES: This is a 400 level course, intended for advanced computer science undergraduates. The formal prerequisites for the course is Data Structures and Algorithms. Further, a level of academic maturity is assumed. Students are assumed to have experience with C or C++, basic data structures (such as binary search trees) and simple complexity analysis. Students will be expected to learn to use the computing systems independently.



You are expected to communicate to the instructor any issue regarding your performance in class ahead of time. This includes absence from exams, late homeworks, inability to perform an assigned task, problems with your group members, the need for extra time on exams, etc. You should be prepared to provide sufficient proof of any circumstances on which you are making a special request as outlined in the Rensselaer Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities. To document a valid excuse, you can get a letter from the Dean of Students. In that case, you do not have to explain to me the specific circumstances behind your absence or specific request.

Cheating and Academic Dishonesty will not be tolerated. All your course work should provide an honest effort in solving the assigned problem by yourself (and by your group partners for group assignments). You are allowed to work with other students in designing algorithms, in interpreting error messages, in discussing strategies for finding bugs, but NOT in writing code or writing down solutions. Even if you discuss the problems with other students, you should write down your own solution or program when turning in an assignment.

  • You may not share, copy, or discuss in detail code or solutions while writing it or afterwards.
  • You may not show your code or solutions to other students as a means of helping them.
  • You may not leave online, printed copies or drafts of your solutions in publicly accessible areas, such as labs, workstations, etc.

All cases of cheating will be punished and reported to the Dean of Students. Your overall grade for the course will be reduced by at least a letter grade for each infraction. In all cases of cheating, a full report will be forwarded to the Dean of Students.


You are not required to attend the classes, but you must attend class to take quizzes. There will be no make-up exams for missed quizzes. Remember that since the final exam will take place during the finals week, you should not plan to leave for winter break any sooner than the last day of final exams! No exceptions!


All exams/quizzes will be open book and open notes. You may not use any electronic tools during exams including cell phones and calculators, you may not share your notes with anybody during exams.


You may use up to four days total of grace period on homeworks for the whole semester. This excludes any excuses approved by the Dean of Students. After you use up all your grace days, you may not submit any late homeworks or you will receive a zero on that homework. So, use your late days wisely. You may not use your late days in any fraction. For example, if you are late for 35 hours, then I assume you have used up 2 late days. I or the TAs will date your assignments when we receive them, so make sure someone marks the correct date on your assignments as you turn them in. If you are working in a group, then late days will be subtracted from all the members of your group. Shannon Bornt (Amos Eaton 132) agreed to collect and date your assignments during the regular office hours when I am not in.


If you disagree with the grading on an assignment or quiz, you should appeal to the TA first to maintain consistency in grading. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, then you should appeal to the instructor. Appeals must be made within two weeks after the assignment or quiz is returned.


There may be changes to the policies, deadlines and schedule described in the syllabus. You can expect me to give you reasonable notice of any changes. All changes will be announced in class and appear on the course web site.


All course material will be available online at the course web site. Certain course material that is not public will be made available only on WebCT. I will use the Bulletin Board in the WEBCT course site for all course related questions and answers. Your grades will be posted in this site as well.

Sibel Adali